Our Story

Mona Mona Co. is a natural cosmetics brand that develops inclusive, multi-use products for the face, hair and body. Made to suit the makeup minimalist to the full-blown makeup addict, all of our handmade, hand-poured, hand-cut products are vegetarian, natural and never, ever tested on animals.

We buy all of our ingredients, down to our packaging, in the United States and partner with ethical suppliers who guarantee every ingredient is not compromised through slave labor or poor working conditions.

Our founder, Fatima, is driven by the belief that the cosmetics industry should create products as inclusive for customers as they are good for the planet.

We also believe not all pigmented cosmetics have to be made out of harsh chemicals and conversely, not all natural products have to lack pigment and intensity. The wonderful world of cosmetics is for people of all skin tones.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to developing products out of the best ingredients, including rose and olive oils, while only using environmentally-conscious packaging.

Above all, we promise to never: test products on animals, use harsh chemicals, cut corners, partner with brands that do not share our values, source ingredients from farms, manufacturers or suppliers that abuse workers- whether through wage theft or unsafe work conditions- or make our products without the utmost care and love for our customers.

While the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated, the team at Mona Mona Co. thinks it’s our responsibility to ensure customers have an option to look beautiful and make the planet a little better.

We hope you will be a part of our movement.